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John Kahukiwa (Partner),

Corban Revell Lawyers

“I have used Moka’s services for a range of cases in which I have acted as lead counsel.

I find him to be expert, competent, innovative, receptive and ultimately his abilities will ensure that the case or presentation is visually impactful and compelling.

If you are dealing with land or territory, whether in the private or public law spheres, I unreservedly recommend Moka’s services. If you do not, your case or presentation will likely be that much less forceful than it could be.”

Robyn Rauna,

Chief Executive of Tamanuhiri Tutu Poropororo Trust

“Over the years I have had a range of situations where I have developed an appreciation of Moka’s skill and expertise.
Back in 2013, Moka conducted some Google Mapping workshops for some of our people in Turanga these being the Iwi of Te Aitanga A Mahaki, Rongowhakaata, and Ngai Tamanuhiri. At these workshops, people were able to understand how they could use Google Maps to visually portray key data and information. I observed instances where our people created maps locating their Marae, land incorporation boundaries, and then inputting layers of information (including historical Maori Land Court records) about this land on to maps. Moka was a great teacher very patient and eager to share what he knew about Google Mapping.

In another situation where I was preparing a collective Iwi submission to the Minister of Energy & Resources on the Draft Block Offer 2013, I contracted Moka to prepare a GIS map which overlayed tribal boundary information, designated areas of the blocks of land where prospecting was proposed, waahi tapu, information from the Department of Conservation and key Iwi sites. This enabled Turanga Iwi to pinpoint areas that were requested to be excluded from the proposed Block Offer. It was visually compelling.

These are but a few of the experiences I have had of Moka’s work. Absolutely approachable with a passion for helping Maori and wanting to be of service I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial and wish Moka the very best in his future endeavors.”

Richard Steedman,

Claims Manager, Mōkai Pātea Waitangi Claims Trust

“Tena Koe Moka

The Waitangi panel has dubbed us the Iwi of the drones. The way of future presentations they felt. Generally, also they commented that our presentation was one of the best they had seen in 23 odd years. Obviously, a very pleasing result so a further thankyou to you for being a big part of getting us over the line.”

Dr Bryan Gillings,

Legal Counsel Wai 1684, 1843 & 1943

“Kia ora Moka
Thanks once more to you particularly for your huge efforts on behalf of the claims”

Patricia Tauroa,

Wai 58

“Kia ora e Moka
Aroha tino nui ki a koe mo o mahi tino taimaha, tino kaha mo matou katoa. Many thanks for going beyond the extra mile for us all. Others did comment on how much more interesting it was to see changing on-screen information rather than just listening to a voice”.

Louie Katene,

Wai 1684

“Tena koe Moka.
I can't thank you enough for your expertise with the mapping and Powerpoint, for the grandchildren that were there and aunts were absolutely touched by the richness of the korero photos and map of the past to the present. for your quick action to remedy the 9.1 Rural lending housing programme which was so important to be in the brief time you have given Deb Babe and I are truly appreciative and grateful
Nga mihi nui kia koe”.

Frances Goulton,

Project Manager Whangaroa Papa Hapū

“kia ora Moka
Thank you so much for working so hard for our claimants. I was amazed at what you were able to do for them, and I know how much work that represents. Your passion for accuracy, professionalism, and commitment to our people is mind-boggling. Lucky us to have scored you.”

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Te Ipu Arataki i te Taiao.
Analysing geospatial information and integrating a holistic Māori worldview to help whānau, hapu and iwi tell the stories of their people and their connection to the land and sea.