DNL Services

Services Digital Navigators Ltd provide are:

  • Google Geospatial Tools: Google has a wide range of Geo-spatial tools these include Google Earth, Google Earth Engine, Time Lapse, My Maps, Fusion Tables and Tour Builder. They each have a specific purpose and can provide some stunning visual imagery for work that you would like to undertake. We provide training on these tools and can show you how maximise these with other GIS tools.
  • GIS Data Capture: Sourcing and building the data i.e. land parcels
  • GIS Data Analysis: Analyzing the information and interpreting the data flow
  • GIS Map Production:  Producing the map outputs
  • GIS Project Management and Build: Managing the construction of a GIS 
  • GIS Needs Analysis:  Identifying the organisational needs and providing recommendations around GIS requirements
  • GIS Training: Workshops and presentation delivery around creating, manipulating and presenting data for your organisation
  • Drone Photography: We use DJI’s drones to produce high quality still imagery and video footage which we can then incorporate into our mapping services. 

Other services: DNL provides additional mapping work within the Treaty Negotiations workspace these include;

  • Cultural redress: Identification of sites of significance, presentation of mapped sites and advice to inform iwi negotiations with the Crown around the prioritisation of cultural sites for redress;
  • Quantum: Mapping and depiction of Crown Assets relevant for iwi negotiations with the Crown;
  • Historical Account and Advice: Provision of historical mapping information to support the Historical Account and Advice.
  • Mapping to support Negotiations: Mapping advice and information to support all iwi negotiations. E.g. Overlapping Claims, presentations for special factors meetings with the Minister, Site Visit Map Books and presentations for Hui-a-Iwi Ratification process.